Earlier this week, we had the privilege of inviting Mr. Anirban Basu (Innovation Director, Danone SN – Asia Pacific, Americas, Middle East, CIS and Exports) to our campus for a special guest lecture.
Mr. Basu’s lecture was addressed to Final Year students of Indian Studies and Chinese Studies Programs (PBIC,Thammasat University) studying Political Economy and Development in India. With his unique choice of topic “Cricket, Capitalism and Cronies : The India Story”, Mr. Basu shared an in-depth perspective on the popular sport of Cricket, its role in Indian culture and everyday life and its tryst with the world of power and politics.
It was truly an immersive experience for our students who are always keen to learn more about India and Indian culture. On behalf of the students and the faculty members, we thank Mr. Basu for sharing his knowledge and experience.

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