All successful candidates in round 4 (Round ‘Inter Program Admission II’) of academic year 2020 are required to pay 25,000 Baht (bank charges excluded) during 17 – 18 June 2020 to confirm their intention to study. 

  1. Please download the pay-in form via “Download” button after your name listed below and print it out for banking process.
  2. Pay 25,000 Baht via the following channels

1) Bank counter of any branches of TMB or other commercial banks (e.g. BBL, SCB, KBank, KTB, etc.)

2) Internet Banking

3) Mobile Banking

4) ATM

  1. Confirmation emails from PBIC will be sent to students to confirm their payment transfer by 23 June 2020.
  2. Please note that Payment must be completed by 9 pm of 18 June 2020.


No. Application No. Title First name Last name Download Pay-in Slip
Chinese Studies Program
1 PB2020040034 Miss Nathanich Tanrudee Download
2 PB2020040042 Miss Jinnapuk Maneesorn Download
3 PB2020040060 Miss Wantakan Ongvisespaiboon Download
Thai Studies Program
1 PB2020040018 Miss Wimonrat Surattanakorn Download
2 PB2020040021 Miss Silje Ekeberg Download
3 PB2020040031 Miss Preeyarat Ngendee Download
4 PB2020040037 Mr. Phumraphee Klayharn Download
5 PB2020040046 Miss Danah Ali Taher Download
6 PB2020040055 Mr. Napat Thamakulngkul Download
7 PB2020040065 Miss Jin Back Download


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