For enrolling in course offering for Thai studies, students are required to follow the instructions below:

  1. Fill out the google form of the requested course for registration on 07/01/2019 at 09:00-18:00 hrs.
  2. Successful registered candidates will be announced on 09/01/2019 at PBIC website.

  3. Students must pay for the tuition fees of 6,000 baht per 1 course with 3 credits in cashier cheque. The cheque made payable to “Pridi Banomyong International College”. Furthermore, “Account Payee” also be written on the check. Please note that all bank service charges incurred will be borne by the payee.
  4. Endorse your name, family name, ID number, and the requested course the back of the cheque.
  5. Hand the cheque directly over to the accounting staffs at PBIC office by 14/01/2019 at 09:00-16:00 hrs.


  1. Students must deliberately check study date & time with the major courses. In case of date & time overlapping both study and examination, the requested courses for Thai studies will be cancelled automatically.
  2. If students did not hand the cheque for the tuition by the time indicated above, all the registered course will be cancelled automatically.
  3. Students don’t need to register the required course via REG TU website.
  4. It is noted that the course allocation is on a first-come-first-serve basis as electronically recorded by form submission.

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