The English-language Thai Studies Bachelor of Arts degree program was launched by PBIC in the 2016 academic year. It has proved to be one of the college’s most popular and sought-after programs. The field of Thai Studies, which is grounded in the Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities, is long-established within the interdisciplinary tradition of Area Studies, and enjoys a strong global reputation. Its offering here allows students both to examine an important regional and strategic global player, in Thailand itself, and acquire a broad and diverse bachelor degree, in the charming heart of Old Bangkok.

Students take a wide range of English-language courses from the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities in the context of Thailand and Southeast Asia. These include Economics, Politics, International Relations, Anthropology, History, Sociology, Religion, Language and Culture of Thailand. As such, the program provides students with rigorous training in highly valued transferable skills, suitable for many career paths. While these are taken as majors, the program offers flexibility and students may choose from Chinese Studies, Indian Studies or other Thammasat University courses outside the college as minor subjects. Students are also trained in research methods and are expected to conduct original research; skills which are in high demand in the world of work.

Additionally, in partnership with SOAS, University of London, the world’s leading institution in the field of Asian Studies, the PBIC Thai Studies Program offers our students the chance to earn a double degree, from both Thammasat University and SOAS, University of London, with two years spent in each university respectively. A further option is for our third year students to spend a semester studying at a partner university such as the University of California under an exchange agreement between Thammasat University and the UC.


  1. Students will possess Thai/English language skills, including translation; have achieved college-level fluency in reading, writing and speaking at advanced levels.
  2. Students will have attained an undergraduate-level understanding of the approaches of the Social Sciences and the interrelationships between society, economics, politics, history and religion of Thailand and have competence in Social Science techniques and practical application.
  3. Students will have identified their own special interest area; conduct original research and be able to communicate their research findings for their onward journey into the world of work or further study at the Master’s level.

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