Course Description

1. Required Courses

PD 100            Beginning Thai

Basic Thai communication: the alphabets, tones, basic conversational skills, and grammar. Basic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

PD 101            Intermediate Thai

Pre-requisite: PD 100 Beginning Thai or lecturer’s permission

Further practice through reading various writing genres and everyday language usage. The language of daily communication on topics relating to their everyday life.

PD 102            Advanced Thai

Pre-requisite: PD 101 Intermediate Thai or lecturer’s permission

Further practice, particularly through analyses of texts from Thai literature, magazines, and newspapers, as well as audio-visual materials on subjects related to the Thai culture and society. Improvement of language skills for practical work and academic usages.

2. Elective Courses

(1) Social Sciences Courses  

PD 223            Society and Culture of Thailand

Thai society and culture as investigated in diverse aspects, using case studies from various researches by Thai and international academics, emphasizing analytical and critical approaches.

PD 233            Thai Media and Society

An examination of the roles and the responsibilities of mass media in Thai society, national policy on media, control and the relationship between the media and the government, as well as other institutions. Emphasis on the media’s rights and responsibilities to the society.

PD 323            Ethnic Groups of Thailand

The history, culture, social structures, relationships and cultural integration of ethnic groups in Thailand such as the hill tribes, Muslims, and Chinese in Thailand. Field study included.

PD 353            Buddhism in Thailand

An investigation of Buddhist institutions in Thailand such as sects, organizations of Buddhists, practices as well as functions and roles of various Thai religious institutions.

PD 354            Islam in Thailand

An introduction to Islam in Thailand and the historical and contemporary features of Islam in Thailand. An investigation of the ways in which Thai Muslims live and practice their religiosity in a Buddhist majority country such as Thailand.

PD 343            Social and Economic Development in Thailand

An exploration of multiple meanings, concepts and practices of social and economic development in Thailand e.g. rural vs. urban development, community-based development, participatory development, and sustainable development, through the gap between rural and urban development, the role of community members and civil organizations and their relations to the government and businesses. Possible emphasis on development that values democracy, diversity, sustainability, and self-governance, drawing from lessons learned from community-based initiatives involving education, community revitalization, public health, or economic issues.

PD 363            Thai Law

The development of Thai Law, the influences of Western and foreign legal systems on the Thai legal system, various Thai legal institutions and the Thai legal system at present, with regards to Public Law, Personal Law, etc.

PD 313            Modern Thai History

An interdisciplinary exploration of modern Thai history in the social and political aspects, from the Bangkok period (1782 A.D.) to the modern nation-state of the present time.  Emphasis on the modern era when the kingdom confronted western colonization, and its reactions from within, as well as a series of nationwide reforms, and the processes of change and persistence of the nation-state up to the present. 

PD 373            Thailand in an International Arena

Thailand’s role in international relations in the social, economic, political and military dimensions, foreign policy patterns and determinants, policy implementation, outcome and impact, analysis of foreign policy-making in light of emerging world issues.

PD 374            Thai Politics

The patterns and unique characteristics of Thai politics, examining influencing factors, such as, historical, social, and economic development, as well as changes in the political structure. Included is a survey of problems and issues relating to the Thai government and politics.

(2) Arts and Cultural Courses

PD 383            Contemporary Thai Literature (in translation)

Thai literature since World War II. Emphasis on close reading of selected texts in relation to their social, political and cultural contexts.

PD 384            Art and Architecture of Thailand

The characteristics and development of art and architecture in Thailand from Sukhothai Period to the present and the influences of other civilizations on Thai art and architecture.

PD 183            Thai Dance

The principles and fundamental theories of Thai Dance, as well as demonstrations of standard Thai Dance for further learning.

PD 184            Thai Cuisine

The philosophy, origin of Thai cuisine as well as its basic techniques and ingredients. Different ways to blend and balance the varied flavors to create a stimulating array of unique tastes. Demonstrations included.

(3) Health Science Courses

PD 293            Thai Traditional Medicine

History and development of Thai traditional medicine, theoretical concepts, types of treatments with herb, massage, herbal sauna, and other curative applications, Thai traditional medicine and health care, and its integration into the country’s health care system.

PD 193            Thai Massage

Basic knowledge in human anatomy and physiology necessary for Thai massage for health, its history, benefits and limitations, and steps, postures and the etiquette of Thai massage for health.  Demonstrations included.