Bachelor’s Degree in Indian Studies (International Program)

The Republic of India is a regional power and a rising global power that already plays an important role in today’s world, demonstrating its influence on current economic, political and cultural affairs. Its historical role in the regions is substantial as well, with Indian language and culture laying important foundations for Thai religious and political thoughts. Given India’s importance, and the need to train new generation of Indian Studies scholars in Thailand, the Pridi Banomyong International College has established the Indian Studies International Program. The purpose of the program is to produce graduates who have both Hindi language proficiency and a knowledge and understanding of India.

In the program, the student will learn issues about India such as Indian civilization, Indian Philosophy, contemporary Indian economics and Indian politics. They will also be able to use Hindi at the intermediate level. The medium of instruction in this program is English.


Uniqueness of studying Indian Studies at Thammasat University

The Indian Studies Program of Pridi Banomyong International College is a collaborative program with leading universities in India and is also supported by the Indian government. Indian professors specializing in various fields will be invited to lecture in the courses. The student will also have to study abroad in India for at least one semester to experience the real Indian academic context. All these are to fulfill the demand for Indian studies personal in the labor market every level, local, national and international, and to develop individual students potential to prepare for their higher education in Indian studies.


4.2.1 To produce graduates with a broad knowledge of Indian Studies, including History, Political Science, Economics, Business, Anthropology, and Sociology of India
4.2.2 To produce graduates who can apply their knowledge of Indian Studies professionally or to graduate-level study.
4.2.3 To produce graduates with high proficiency in the Hindi language.

Indian Studies Program: Facts and Details

Indian Studies Program: Degree Structure.

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